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Preparing for your new Clever Corgi puppy!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Preparing for your Clever Corgi Puppies!

Preparing for your new Puppy!
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We’ve really enjoyed watching as their unique and sweet dispositions have started to develop over these past 8 weeks!

I apologize in advance; this page will be a bit of a read but please make sure to read it ALL because everything is pretty important to your new little one.

In order for things to go as smoothly as possible with your new corgi-preparation is key and can make a game changing difference in managing everyone’s stress during the first few weeks home.


VACCINES: One 5-way vaccine given at 8 weeks before your pickup day. Vaccine Administered: One dose of the Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv Vaccine Vaccines Includes: Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus 2, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, Canine Parvovirus (Parvo) (modified live viruses).

Important Vaccine Information: Your puppy has received their first 8 wk old puppy vaccines, considered their “core vaccines”. They will need to have this same vaccine given again at 12 weekks and again at 16 wks before they will be considered immune to the diseases or safe. Make an appointment with your veterinarian for their second vaccine booster by 3 months of age and their final by their fourth month of age (3-4 wks apart).

The Rabies vaccine is mandated by state law and must be given by 24 weeks old. Rabies vaccines should be given alone, separated from all other vaccinations by at least two weeks. This is due to the fact that the rabies vaccine is a higher risk vaccine for adverse reactions. YOU MUST REQUEST THIS. Not all Vets follow this protocol.

De-wormer Medications given at: • 2 weeks & 4 weeks old: Nemex 2 (Pyrantel Pamoate) treats roundworms and hookworms. • 6 weeks old: Safe-Guard (Fenbendazole) treats tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms as well as Giardia. • 8 weeks old: Nemex 2 (Pyrantel Pamoate) You will need to continue to worm your new puppy every 2 weeks until 12 weeks old and then 2-4 times per year thereafter. Safe-Guard makes a granular wormer that is easy for new pet parents to sprinkle on pups food.


This puppy is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy and predicted to be between 25-30 lbs and 10-12 inches tall (at the withers). All adult predictions made by The Clever Corgi are based off years of experience, the puppy’s parents and the past puppies from the same parents. This Corgi puppy’s coat and color will develop and change over the next 2 years and Corgi puppies colors can dramatically change from puppy to adult and this can be hard to predict. Puppies can end up bigger or smaller than originally predicted and in comparison to their littermates and/or parents. Each puppy is unique in every way and genetics can surprise us. The Clever Corgi can not make guarantees for what mother nature decides but we’re usually pretty close!


Please understand this puppy is not fully immune to contagious diseases yet. Not until they’ve completed all their core vaccine boosters. Currently, it’s not safe for them to visit high dog traffic areas in public like dog parks, camping grounds, groomers, lakes, beaches, pet stores, or even dog friendly stores like Homedepot, Lowes etc. At the vets office, when your puppy is not on the exam table, they should be in a carrier or in your arms. Do NOT let them wander and sniff the clinic floors and definitely do not let them on the grass outside the clinic. The Parvo virus can survive on surfaces and in soil for up to 6 months. People take their sick dogs to the vet’s office, so this is really where you need to be the MOST vigilant. Keeping your puppy away from areas in public is most important but do NOT hide your puppy away from everyone and everything until they’re done with vaccines at 16 wks old. The first 4 months of your puppies life is also the most important time to socialize them. Introducing them to as many new people, new dogs and new experiences as possible is the goal. It’s important to take them out of your family bubble to meet new friends and new dogs! Introducing them to dogs you know to be safe and healthy. The Clever Corgi also highly recommends signing them up for a Puppy Training Classes at least 1 week after their 12 wk appointment or second set of vaccination boosters. Same advice goes for taking walks or public outings in low dog traffic areas like your neighborhood.


We urge you to get all of the necessary shopping out of the way before bringing home your new puppy so you can focus all your time on bonding and training instead of running around trying to get everything together.

What comes with your puppy

· Sample of Royal Canin Medium puppy and coupon

· Measuring cup for food

· First set of core vaccines and dewormer and all of their health records come in a vaccine booklet

· A large toy that will be suitable to sleep with that has mommas’ scent.

· 30 days Insurance through Trupanion

· AKC Limited registration paperwork

· There may be other goodies in your “Go Home Pack” depends on what I have available at the time.

Recommended Puppy Supplies

· Stainless Steel bowls

· Royal Canin Medium Puppy Food (If you are planning to change food please wait 30 days for your pup to settle in first) Other foods we have used in the past and liked are American Journey puppy from and Pro Plan Sport 30/20 in the black and purple bag.

· Metal Dog crate 30x19x20 is what I tend to use.

· Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor remover

· Dog bed to fit the crate(may want to use an old towel the first week or so.)

· Collar, name tag and 6 foot leash (I do not recommend retractable leashes, they’re dangerous and limit your control.)

· Training Clicker

· Dog waste bags and dispenser

· Puppy Shampoo

· Slicker Brush

· Pet Nail Clippers

· Training treats ( I like the Bil Jac Little Jacs Small Dog liver treat or the American Journey training bits from

· Other favorite treats in our house are Nutro Crunchy Treat Mixed Berry Flavor and the Blue Buffalo Health Bars. *Avoid highly processed treats with a long ingredient list as they upset little tummies(here’s looking at you beggin strips and snausages)

· Chew toys-favorites around here are Elk Antlers, Water buffalo horns and goat horns. They can be a little pricy, but last quite awhile. Himalayan Dog Chews are great, they are edible so we only hand these out once or twice a month once the dogs are bigger and tend to eat them in one day. Rawhide is NOT recommended.

· Dog Toothbursh

· Lots of puppy toys. Try an assortment of ropes, balls and stuffed animals. I recommend rotating their toys daily which keeps them new and interesting…hopefully more interesting than your favorite pair of shoes(I loved those Birkenstocks ☹)

· Supplements-

If you have any issues with puppies ears not standing reach out to me. If they are not up by 12 weeks you may need to tape them for a week or two. If you have a pup who’s ears are not standing do not wait until the pup is 6 months old to decide to do something about it…it is much more difficult to be successful once they are older. If you need guidance please reach out to me.

· Puppy litter box if you will be using… I have used both the litter and the grass pad type and very much prefer the pet grass. I put disposable puppy pads under the grass pad to absorb much of the urine which makes cleaning a lot more pleasant.

· Exercise pen if you will be using… I can send you a photo of my puppy set up if you are thinking about using an x-pen.

· Puppy Culture Video guide

For a list of items that we use go to:


Your puppy will eat:

4-10lbs 2/3-1 ½ cups per day

11-20lbs 1 ½-2 ½ cups per day

Split this into 3 feedings per day until 6 months. At 6 months old you can switch to a 2x per day feeding schedule. Keep an eye on your Corgis weight…Corgis are excellent at conning family members into treats or additional food. An overweight corgi is very unhealthy and hard on their backs. As adults corgis tend to have very thrifty metabolisms and if not watched carefully will quickly put on weight. For example our adults only get 1 cup per day split into 2 feedings when they are not pregnant or lactating. This allows a bit of wiggle room for a couple of treats per day. At about 6 months is when your pup will be close to his/her adult size and this is when you really need to start keeping an eye on their weight. If you have any questions about your dogs weight please snap a photo from above and a side view and shoot them over to me and I can help advise.


· Day 1: 75% old food 25% new

· Day 2: 60% old food and 40% new

· Day 3: 50% old food and 50% new

· Day 4: 40% old food and 60% new

· Day 5: 25% old food and 75% new

· Day 6: feed 90-100% of the new food.

TREATING PUPPY DIARRHEA-Stress (such as transitioning to a new home), worming, shots, switching foods or dietary indiscretions can all lead to diarrhea. If your puppy develops diarrhea, take them off all food for 12 hours to allow their stomach a chance to calm down. You can then offer a small meal of rice and boiled chicken until you have a solid bowl movement at which time you can reintroduce their kibble. A teaspoon of canned pumpkin or cooked sweet potato is also helpful in alleviating both diarrhea and constipation in both puppies and adult dogs.


Your young puppy only needs one or two 10-15 minute walks per day and maybe a romp in the yard for fresh air and sunshine. Remember…tired puppies are good puppies!

Puppies this age need a lot of mental stimulation and they absorb training like little furry sponges right now. A 10-15-minute training session is about all they can handle at first. Keep training short and fun…always try to end on a good note.

We also recommend enrolling in a Puppy Kindergarten class! Petsmart offers affordable classes and it is a great way to socialize them with other puppies and new people.


The balance is due on pickup day and can be paid in cash or via Good Dog by going to Please reach out to me if you need to know your balance amount due.


We will be in touch soon if we have not already to schedule your exact time.

**In light of the current Covid19 situation and the fact that my husband is high risk we will meet all new puppy owners on our front porch unless other arrangements have been made. With the risk of people unintentionally bringing Parvo into our home we are going to keep this practice going forward to protect our precious little ones as they prepare for their journeys.

Amiee and Brian Gibson

2052 West Horizon Dr. Hebron KY, 41048

Cellphone 513-225-3011 text is best

Please visit our facebook and Instagram page for puppy updates

Join our Clever Corgi family group on facebook to post photos and updates of your Clever Corgi pup.

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