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New Puppy?

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

New Puppy Care Sheet
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The Clever Corgi

AKC Registered Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Your pups are currently eating Royal Canin Medium Puppy

Please keep your pup on this brand.

*If you plan to switch please wait 30 days to allow your new pup time to settle in first

Your puppies have been using a litter pan with pet grass prior to coming home to you and are real champs about using this system.


We use American Journey & Bil-Jac mini Jacs training treats

Blue Buffalo Health Bars &

Nutro Crunchy Treat mixed berries

Avoid highly processed treats with a long ingredient list they upset little tummies.


In order to teach your new pup where you want them to toilet place a small litter box or grass pee pad in the desired area whether it be in your house, patio or yard and place them on it hourly at first. Every time they wake from a nap, eat, drink or play hard run them to the designated area.

Clicker Training: We have lightly started the pups on clicker training. They associate the clicker with praise and training bits. Work with your pup in small 3-4 minute sessions. They should approach you and sit. You would then give them a click and a treat. This is just a start, but goes a long way to teaching the pup to sit to get what they want versus jumping up on people.

We have also worked on nail trimming weekly. Please keep this up every week and make it part of your normal routine and you will always have a dog that happily allows their nails to be trimmed.

Resource guarding is something that we have worked on with the pups the last couple of weeks that they were with us. We give each pup a meaty bone and have them chew on it while we hold it. When we take it away we exchange for a treat. We then give the meaty bone to the pup while we pet and stroke them all over. Taking the bone and replacing it with a yummy treat multiple times as we continue to pet and handle the pup. Please continue to do this with your pups to ensure that they do not get into the bad habit of resource guarding.

If you have multiple pets your pup will get their treat/food last after the other pets have received theirs.

Our pups are used to and enjoy having a crate/playpen to go to for naps or quiet time. Crate training is the quickest way to housebreak your new puppy and keep them safe when you cannot keep an eye on them.

The first couple of nights you may need to put a stuffed animal in with the pup and a hot water bottle for comfort as they are used to having siblings to cuddle with, but they should adapt quickly.

Please look up Puppy Culture on YouTube. Their program helps you to navigate the socialization period and turn puppies into great lifelong companions.

For a list of supplies that we recommend go to:

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