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Updated: Mar 5

Our puppies are raised on Royal Canin Medium Puppy food. By the time they go home they are on dry kibble only(which gives firmer easier to clean stool)

If you are wanting a bit of canned to mix with the dry select the puppy food below.

Help for those sensitive puppy tummies. We give a small pinch every day and a full serving during times of stress, such as go home week, vaccinations, when worming and anytime the stools seem a bit soft. I would not be without this stuff and a container lasts a long time!

I recommend stainless steel dishes as they are long lasting, impervious to naughty puppy teeth and able to be popped in the dishwasher. Non slip bottoms are a very nice feature as well!

I have had dogs in the past that will woof their food down so quickly that I've worried they would choke...if you have a woofer try this...they have worked great for me!

This is the crate that I typically recommend. It is appropriately sized to fit an adult corgi, yet comes with the divider to block off the crate for potty training as your puppy grows.

For now just put down a towel or something easily washed for your pup, as they become more reliable in their crate this works well in this crate.

These next three items are optional; however I have used them raising the pups, so they are used to this system.

I have one of these attached to the puppy's crate and their whelping box so it gives quite a large area, but I am housing an entire of these attached to puppy's crate alone will be sufficient for one puppy to help keep them safe while they are still learning and maturing.

I have a piece of vinyl cut to go underneath mine to protect my floors, but you could use a tarp as well. I then layer these washable whelping pads over top to catch any accidents.

I used to use litter boxes with pelleted litter for my puppies which was sooo messy but better than...well you know lol. I saw a system similar to this in my friends kennel with her moms and pups and thought it was worth a try....I love it! Pups learn to use it pretty quickly and it keeps 99% of the little angels excrement all in one spot and easy to clean! I put just a white disposable pee pad under the grass in the holder to catch most of the urine and it helps to keep odor down as well. I pick up the piles as I see them and clean the whole thing 2-3 times per day, but this is for big litters...once a day would be fine for a single pup. The genius thing about this is if you are wanting your little pumpkin to use one specific spot in your yard you can lay a grass pad there until they get the hang of where to go as they use the turf litter box about 95% of the time by the time that they go home.

Here are the pee pads that I get to go in the potty trainer, you do not have to use them however...I just feel that it makes clean up a bit easier for me.

This is what I recommend for those little accidents......

You will want a collar and 6 foot leash (I do not recommend retractable leashes, they're dangerous and limit your control).

Once your dog is about 6 months you can move into something like this as their neck size will not change much...I love that they will have your info anywhere they go right on the collar! This is what my girls wear at home.

There are many harness options out there, but this is what I use for walks with our girls.

This makes for good smelling puppies ;) we love Eqyss products and I just use regular old baby wipes for between baths if needed.

A good slicker brush will get loose undercoat out to keep it off of your floors! Also with the fluffies make sure that you are getting behind their ears often as that is where they tend to matt.

Clip nails weekly until about 16 weeks old and then monthly thereafter.

These are the training treats that we like

My favorite treat training pouch

Some other favorites in our home are:

Avoid highly processed treats with long ingredient lists....they are rough on little tummies. Also, avoid rawhide...instead try the following. (I also avoid the cow hooves etc because the stink once dogs start chewing on them)

These are our girls favorite chews! We make them an occasional treat now that they are older and stronger chewers as they will finish them now in a couple of hours.

Lots of puppy toys. Get an assortment and rotate them daily to keep them interesting.

Great for keeping teething puppy busy! They hold one large everlasting treat (refillable) and you can stuff small treats in the other side to keep them interested. Excellent refillable teething toy!

This is our favorite toy for the little ones all of our girls had them when they were babies and I get them for each litter. They are great for when they are just coming home as they are large enough for the pup to cuddle up with and they love the texture of the fur and carrying them around by the tail. Each puppy will be sent home with one, but if you ever need a replacement here they are. Our older girls still love them, but Junebug is tough on toys now and will destroy them in a day so I reserve them for the puppies now.

Your puppy is getting NUVET currently....

You will want to worm your puppy at 10 and 12 weeks of age and then 2-4 times per year after that.

Puppy Culture helps to shape your young puppies into great minded companions that are a joy to be around. I highly recommend the videos and or youtube videos.

If you have a fenced back yard and a sliding door this product is perfect for you! This is what we use for our girls day in and day out and as the pups get older when they are out of their pen for play time with us they figure out how to use ours pretty quickly!

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